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Patio Villas

Built in harmony with the wild rugged landscape this stone mansion is an excellent example of Mani’s imposing architecture. The tower is part of a complex of 5 independent villas designed in such a way to resemble a small village.

Kardamili is a seaside village located in the Mani, a stunning region in the southern Peloponnese. Kardamyli was one of the seven cities offered to Achilles by Agamemnon. This tiny village has one of the prettiest settings in the Peloponnese, nestled between the blue waters of the Messinian Gulf and the Taÿgetos Mountains 15 minutes' […]

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Stoupa is a seaside village that overlooks three beaches. On the right is the marvelous Kalogria beach where Kazantzakis lived with Zorbas the moments that were written down and became known all over the world. The Kalogria beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the Peloponnese. It is known for […]

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From Kalamata to Tainaro cape, one can find the place called "Mani", following the mountain tops to the south. Mani is for those who like the combination of mountain and sea. With unique changes in the landscape and unforgettable routes with rich tradition, architectural heritage, a mild climate and unique beaches, villages. Many hidden gems await the visitor! […]

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Beaches in Mani

Pantazi Beach in Agios Nikolaos - Selinitsa Ritsas beach in Kardamili Fonea beach just after Kardamili Dolphins beach between Stoupa and Kardamili Kalogrias Beach in Stoupa Stoupa Beach

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